Oh Good Dog!

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7 years ago

It's hard to beat a good ol' classic hotdog.  I'm always on the search for a great hole in the wall, or cheap dive that offers the best.  I recently found such a place, but it wasn't a dive, or a hole in the wall, but I found a place that offers that food quality.  It wasn't in some obscure basement under a tattoo parlor, It was Downtown on Broadway.  I had heard a few good things about Good Dog, so I decided to pop in a lunch, slightly after a typical lunch hour. 

Started up by the owner of Robin's Nest, I knew I was in for a treat.  I found the food to match the clever space in which I was occupied.  Everything was heaven I ordered the Islander Dog-pineapple, bacon, green onion, and sriracha.  Not disappointed, and for around $5 bucks, I was stuffed.

Totally going back, and when I spoke to one of the employees they let me know that they are open on the weekends until 2 am for the bar hopping crowd.  Good to know when you have the munchies. :)