Six Important Tips For Safe and Easy Travel-Wherever You Go!

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6 years ago

Have you, or do you have plans to travel outside the US?  At some point in life, a good majority of the world will travel to a foreign country. Maybe you long for adventure, want to discover unique cultures, or you often travel for business,.  Before you go, here are six useful tips to make your trip safer, easier, and hopefully, more enjoyable:

  1. Know Your Itinerary . Know where you’re going, and let people know when you are expected to return. Be aware of your surroundings and be street smart. Stay in safe areas, that are well-lit at night. Ask around to be sure the places you visit are safe.
  2. Make Two Travel Packets . One is for you; the other give to a trusted family member or friend. Copy your passport (all pages), and your passport photo. Include medical information,  medication and vision prescriptions (should you lose your glasses), insurance numbers, your itinerary, and important telephone numbers. Be sure to check your health insurance medical coverage while you’re in foreign countries.
  3. Pack With Care. Don’t pack anything that would upset you if it were lost. Luggage gets lost; things get broken.  Check to see what is appropriate to wear in the place(s) you’ll be staying. But don’t over pack.  Keep gifts unwrapped; security may have to unwrap them to see the contents.
  4. Stay Alert. You’re at most risk to crime while en-route to your destination particularly at airports. Don’t leave your bags unattended, and keep them in front of you. Always, heed U.S. State Department warnings; they are there to protect you.  Lastly, have a great trip!
  5. Watch What You Eat. Eat foods that are well-cooked; avoid raw or uncooked seafood. Drink bottled water (sealed and commercially produced), and/or carbonated drinks. Forego the ice, and use bottled water when brushing your teeth.
  6. Protect Your Film . If you use a film camera, carry your film with you. The new x-ray machines can fog your film, ruining your photos. If you’re concerned, ask security to hand-check your film.