Getting a Home Inspection IS Important

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6 years ago

A home inspection isn't mandatory when you purchase a house, but I recommend that you have any home you’re planning on buying inspected by a licensed inspector. In fact, I’d REALLY ENCOURAGE it.

A home inspector has the training and expertise to provide an objective opinion about the condition of the home. The inspector will carefully examine the home’s structure, roof, electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling system, and working appliances.  He or she will provide a written assessment of the house’s overall condition.

The inspection will tell you what repairs might need to be made before buying. The inspection can alert you to any serious problems the house may have—before you buy the house.  There’s a period after a contract is accepted when you can have the inspection completed. Fees are paid to the inspector by the buyer.  

If there are problems or repairs that need to be made, you can request in writing during the specified period that these repairs be made as a condition of the sale.  

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