Become More Charismatic in 5 Easy Steps

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6 years ago

Some people are born with charisma, but can we develop charisma? Yes, you can, says, D.A. Benton, author of Executive Charisma.  Here are five skills you can practice to improve your charisma.  

  1. Walk with purpose. Pause before entering a room and project confidence as you walk into the room.
  2. Be confident. When introducing yourself say your name and then tell something about yourself. This helps to draw a question from the other person, and can lead the person into a conversation with you.
  3. Focus on your goal. Charismatic people know what they want and are passionate about it. Focus on what you want and how to get there.
  4. Use the double hand shake. When you shake someone’s hand, use the two-handed grasp. While shaking with right hand, your left hand grasps the person’s arm at or below the elbow.
  5. Be a good listener.  Listen when other people talk.  Value their opinions and make eye contact.