Can't Keep Anything Staight? We Have Tips to Get Organized

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6 years ago

Can’t ever find your keys?  Missed that appointment again?  Still looking for that paperwork you misplaced two weeks ago? Well, you could be like thousands of people, searching for basic solutions to big organization problems can be a problem!

But don't worry!  There may be hope.  Here are five quick tips to get (and stay) organized:

  1. De-clutter your junk drawer using plastic cutlery trays that come in a variety of sizes.

  2. Do one small chore each day (straighten one room, dust, vacuum).

  3. Keep an errand basket by the door for returning books, rentals, dry-cleaning, etc.

  4. Keep a donation box in your laundry room or garage. Add unneeded clothing, books, toys, or small appliances and drop off monthly.

  5. Keep a running total in a list you need to buy at the grocery store

  6. Have a key rack near the door with two sets of car and house keys.  Remember the adage, a place for everything and everything in its place!