Cure Those Afternoon Blahs Away

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6 years ago

Tuesdays are often said to be the hardest workday.  So I thought this topic was even more appropriate for today.

What time does your energy peak during the day?  Chances are it’s not the afternoon...unless of course you like to get up around, say, “noon!”  The afternoon blahs usually strike most people around two or three o’clock.  But you can beat them back by making a few changes in your daily schedule.  Here are six ways to boost your energy and banish the afternoon blahs:

  1. Eat A Light, Hi-Protein Lunch.  Nothing slows the body down like a heavy meal and eating too many carbohydrates.  Try eating a light salad, a bowl of soup, chicken, or hard-boiled eggs and vegetable plate.  Avoid eating sugar foods, which can affect your blood sugar causing your energy to dip in the afternoon.

  2. Work Out During Your Lunch Hour.  If you can, try working out during your lunch hour.  That way you get your exercise in every day, and you’ll increase your productivity at work in the afternoon.  Try jogging, power walking, aerobics, swimming, racquetball, or even weightlifting to get you moving.  You can go into work a little early, or leave a little late to make up for any travel time to and from the gym. 

  3. Go For A Brisk 10-Minute Walk.   If you find you’re feeling sluggish around mid-afternoon, go outside and take a brisk 10-15 minute walk to clear your head and get your energy moving.

  4. Take A Tea Break.   With so many varieties from which to choose, drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon is a splendid way to banish the blahs. You might even create a “high tea” time around the office, and add some healthy snacks to go along with the tea.  It could make for a fun, social break.

  5. Drink More Water.  Dehydration can cause people to feel sluggish.  Make sure you’re drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  6. Rev Your Engine With A 10-Minute Power Nap.   If you’re really feeling low energy, a quick 10-15 minute catnap can refresh you. It’ll  increase your energy level and improve your afternoon productivity.

If all else fails, go for the caffeine. Caffeine in sugarless drinks can increase your energy and alertness, and it’ll get you through the day.