The First Steps in Turning Your Keg Into A Six Pack

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6 years ago

If you’re like most of us out there, you’d like to lose a little around the mid-section.  The easiest way to get rid of stomach fat is to reduce your carbohydrates intake.  These are foods everyone loves to consume: chips, crackers, chips, white bread, candy, cookies, cakes, and pizza.

If you’re really serious about losing your belly, there are some easy ways to do it, and it doesn’t require medical intervention.  But it does require some diet changes.  First, start by eating lean meat (seafood, chicken, and turkey). Eliminate breads, pasta, rice, baked goods, candy and alcohol for a couple weeks, so you can train your body to live without those yummy cravings.  Limit fruits for the first two weeks, but you can eat lots of veggies.
At week three you can add a small serving of rice, pasta, or bread two times a day.  Continue to eliminate refined sugars from your diet.  These w