10 Tips To Save HUGE On 
Your Energy Bills

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6 years ago

Did you know that you can save money by helping our environment?  It's TRUE!  According to the National Resources Defense Council, the two biggest offenders of global warming are coal-burning power plants and cars.  What can you do about it?  Here are 10 easy things you can do to save money on your energy bill and help reduce global warming:

1.    Turn Off The Power. Turn of your lights, computer, stereo, and TV equipment when you’re not using them. You’ll begin saving money immediately.

2.    Recycle. When you recycle your bottles, cans, newspapers and cardboard, you reduce CO2 emissions by up to 850 lbs. per year.

3.    Drive A Fuel Efficient Car.  Enough said.

4.    Walk, Bike, or Carpool. You’ll save money on fuel, improve your health, and help reduce CO2 emissions.

5.    Use “Low-e” Thermal Windows and Doors. Consider these if you’re remodeling.  They cost slightly more, but save a bundle in the long run.

6.    Insulate Your Water Heater. Water heaters consume 20% of a home’s energy bill.  Plus, lower your heater’s thermostat to 120F, and you’ll save 6% a year on your home energy bill, and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

7.    Replace Old, Inefficient Appliances. You’ll save money by buying high efficiency appliances – reducing CO2 emissions.

8.    Make Your Home Energy Smart. You’ll save money on your home heating and cooling bills when you insulate, caulk, and weather strip your doors and windows. This also will significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

9.    Use A Low-Energy, Low Water Use Washing Machine. Using warm and cold water will help you save money and reduce CO2 emissions.

10.  Tire inflation. Under-inflated tires waste 5% of a car’s fuel cost.  Keep tires properly inflated and make sure your car is well maintained.  This will extend the life of your car, save fuel, and reduce CO2 emissions.