Home Disaster Prevention--You Can Stop or Slow Down the Process

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6 years ago

Your home is your solitude, but it can also be the ultimate stresser.  When it comes to home safety, electrical issues, plumbing problems, and other damage, you can have a good impact on avoiding a big headache! 

  • Trim trees around your house-Mother Nature can come in and do some damage to roofs if you have gangly and overly hanging branches

  • Purchase no-burst hoses for your washing machine

  • Turn off your water before going on vacation, or at least have a family friend or relative come checkup on it if you are insistent on keeping your water on.

  • Regularly monitor your foundation and check for wall crack

  • Check your fire alarm battery regulary

  • Put a splash pan under water heaters or washes to catch potential leaks

  • Install surge protectors to prevent data loss and protect you microprocessors

  • If you live in an earthquake-prone area, strap your water heater.
For any other tips, questions, or advice, please call me at 801-244-4166