Marmalade District

The Marmalade District is a triangular area west of Capitol Hill given its name because of the many fruit trees planted by its earliest settlers. Marmalade‚Äôs steep, narrow and curvy roads are reminiscent of the streets of (South) San Francisco. The area is in the early stages of a renaissance which will incorporate a gorgeous new library and mixed use development incorporating retail, office and residential components. Sited on 300 West between 5th and 6th North, the Marmalade Branch of  the Salt Lake Public Library will "seek to offer unique amenities and represent the character, diversity and rich history of the Marmalade District and beyond."

Most of the neighborhood's homes are single and two-family structures built from the mid-late 1800s and include a mix of Victorians, Revival and various other styles and construction types, but some newer projects reflect a more urban flavor with townhouse lofts and condominium offerings. 

I consider Marmalade an up and coming neighborhood, which represents a potentially excellent investment in and around Salt lake City!