April 2014

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6 years ago

Read the entire April Newsletter HERE

In the second issue of Around Salt Lake Newsletter, some topics featured include:

  • Avoid the "one-ring" Cell Phone Scam
  • How To Read Faster To Free Up Time
  • 3 Natural Allergy Remedies
  • Answer This Trivia Question and You could Win $25 Gift Certificates to Red Iguana
  • What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Selling My Home?

Here's one of the featured articles:

3 Natural Allergy Remedies

If pollen and other allergens are making you sneeze, sniffle, and itch, then try these home remedies before turning to over-the-counter or prescription medications:

  1. Saline nasal rinse-By flushing your sinuses with a saltwater solution, you'll help wash away allergens and irritants.  Buy a Neti Pot or a pre-packaged kit at your drugstore.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist for recommendations.
  2. Lavendar Oil- The scent of lavender is a natural antihistamine that can help reduce inflammation and nasal congestion. Put some on a hankerchief and sniff every few minutes
  3. Honey-Provided you're not allergic to bees, eat local honey.  You'll ingest small amounts of pollen (that the bees have eaten), which acts in your system like an allergy shot.  Find local honey at a health food store or farmers market.