Blake has over twelve years of transactional real estate experience.

While he prefers to focus on residential and residential income property sales today, he has substantial real estate acquisition finance and investor brokerage in Investment, Commercial and Income and Property Management environments.

He has held specialized training, sales management and marketing/advertising positions in companies ranging from bootstrap start-ups to Fortune 100 Corporations in the home entertainment, consumer electronics, import and automotive aftermarket industries and draws upon some of the unique and varied skills so obtained to battle for the most favorable outcomes for his current clients.

As do many professionals in the field, Blake employs the full complement of leading marketing and search applications in addition to comprehensive market knowledge to search out the right property or most likely purchaser.

He says,

“Even so, it is a timeless truth that clear, regular and ongoing communication is one of the greatest duties of a fiduciary to his principal, along with diligence, accountability and complete honesty.  It takes serious effort to succeed in each of these but it is effort well-expended and no less than one would expect if roles were reversed.”

“When I’m a Seller, I want the truth of my property’s value, not a number you think I want to hear. When a Buyer, I want a high level of intensity directed towards the search but not directed towards me and my decision-making process. Make sense? I think it does.”

“I always insist upon options when deciding whom to hire for a job, whether it’s fixing my car, rewiring my home or picking a vacation spot, and… I think you should too. If it’s buying or selling real estate, I’d be honored to be on your list.”