People That Can Help If You're Concerned You May Lose Your Home

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6 years ago

If you don’t know where to turn for reliable answers or need to sort through your options, turn to these experts for advice:

  1. Your REALTOR® can determine the current value of your home, and can discuss your options if you owe more than your home value.  Knowledgeable agents can also explain more about current government programs available.
  2. A Foreclosure Counselor will help you evaluate your current financial situation, by reviewing your monthly income and expenses.  They can also inform you of existing assistance programs and serve as an advisor with your bank- free of charge.
  3. A Credit Counselor helps create a plan to avoid future financial frustrations and work to repair your credit score if you’ve already missed payments or have been late too many times.
  4. A Tax Expert may be necessary if you decide to do a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure as forgiveness of debt is sometimes considered taxable income.
  5. An Attorney can help if your lender has filed a foreclosure lawsuit.  They'll review the lender’s paperwork and see if the loan servicing company made a mistake in assessing fees or applying payments.

If you have any questions, or need helpful and trustworthy advice, please call me at 801-244-4166