Preventing a Home Burglary

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6 years ago

Good news:  Home burglaries are down, thanks in part to the Neighborhood Watch and similar organizations.  Here’s the best advice for protecting your home:  

Deter.  Have good locks on your doors and windows.  Be smart:  Don’t put specifics about your upcoming vacation on Facebook or other social media.  Potential burglars are on the Internet too.

Detect.   Buy an alarm system that includes sensors at entry points, motion detectors and a loud outdoor alarm.  Put a sign on a window that says you have an alarm but don’t name the specific system (burglars may crack it by using technology).  If a burglar breaks in, the alarm will change the robbery to a “smash and grab” followed by a quick exit.

Delaying a burglar for 4 minutes by making it hard to enter your home is considered sufficient to prevent a break-in.  Besides locking doors and windows, keep other entry points from being accessible, such as trimming tree branches to prevent a burglar from climbing upstairs.